We've moved to Casper, Wyoming and things are finally out of storage!  Watch the site for up to date photos, some new items, and any upcoming events.  


We will be trying something new for smaller venues !!  Trunk Shows for our friends around the country.  One 50 pound suitcase with our owner will arrive with a collection for your group.  Make selections from the website and we'll bring them along.  

We are the exclusive distributor for Re-Runs, LLC limited edition rope shirt.  Available through us for $32.95 plus shipping.  

Our beautiful kimono are vintage and hand selected by our suppliers in Japan. These beautiful kimono can be worn everyday and everyday. We provide personalized service - mixing and matching kimono, obi, and obijime to create a look that is distinctly yours.

Our pricing generally ranges from $75.00 to $175.00 for kimono and yukata, $35.00 for obi, and $15.00 for obijime. Pricing may vary due to price increases from our wholesalers and shipping costs.